Don't be a turkey.

On Public Education

I am not alumnus of MPS and my spouse is a teacher at a private school, yet both of us are convinced that vouchers are detrimental to public education.  Allow me to explain why we, who have no vested interest other than seeking the pubic good, come to this conclusion.

First of all, look at the data; studies have shown no significant increase in academic test results between voucher schools and MPS[1].

Justice for all

Nothing makes me more upset than the miscarriage of justice, especially when injustice occurs because an individual refuses to do their duty as defined under our laws.  Our state and country have a hierarchy of laws, and the authority for those laws is derived from the power granted to the government by the people.  Everyone who works for government, from the President to the social worker, is a servant of the people.

The Introduction Not Spoken - 5/5/14 debate

My Name is Joseph Thomas Klein.

I am not your normal politician, yet I am now a politician seeking your vote.

I run under the banner of the Wisconsin Pirate Party.  The Pirate Party is international in scope and active in 56 nations as well as the European Parliament.

Pirate Parties worldwide advocate for civil liberties, personal privacy, and transparent government.  We also hold that the power of government is derived from the people.

Pirate Manifesto


We, the Wisconsin Pirates, want society to welcome and adjust to the digital revolution:

We identify the digital revolution as a moment of total renewal of human societies; we recognize therefore as one of our primary goals the defense of the Internet as a common good and a public utility.

We want a society based on the following manifesto:

Civil Rights