As I stated in 2004 when I ran for County Executive, our biggest challenge in Milwaukee is minority unemployment. We need to heal the divides across gender, race, and class. We must transform our community into a place that can shine as a beacon of justice and an upholder of the highest standards for social justice and civil rights.

Chris Abele’s Pledge to MPS and its Students Neglects Democracy

In Wisconsin, we are engaged in a struggle for democracy against the oligarchs, influential capitalists who want to control the government in order to benefit personally, often at the expense of the common citizen. When their control touches the same people who are the lobbyists, government staff and appointees, and officials in the state political parties, democracy becomes a farce.

Core Policies

Below you can find the core policy of The Wisconsin Pirate Party. The policy is written as a series of statements so it is easy to quote them, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky to understand what is being referred to. Here are some definitions: